Wednesday, 18 February 2015

31/01/15. Unity.

Written for performance at the Unity Dinner, held to commemorate the opening of the new Prayer Rooms in University of Nottingham's Sutton Bonington Campus (04/02/2015).

Sometimes I look at the world around me
I'm astounded by the dichotomy,
surrounded by division and unfairness and despondency
Where people are a commodity,
Facing the worst atrocities,
There’s striking inequality
unrest and animosity.
War, illegal methodology
Peace? Leaders of hypocrisy
A policy of Dishonesty,
Uncontrolled monstrosities
This cacophony of a reality becomes so hard to bear,
when I look at the world around me.

But then I close I my eyes in a moment of reflection,
 I guess not seeing the hostility gives me some sense of protection,
But more importantly, there’s, this almost palpable connection,
A collection of consciousness in this subconscious dimension,
On introspection,
the misconceptions, disaffection and imperfections of the world
are all wiped away.
I realise this projection of disconnection ,
objection to collection,
Obsession with aggression,
and tension through misdirection,
is promoted by some powers by means of their deception,
They’re trying to our turn attention from the truth.

Open your eyes by closing them
Feel it in your heart,
We are beings of affection and have been from the start,
the differences do not matter because we are a part
Of something greater in this universe,
no lesser than the stars,
No matter your thoughts on creation, we ARE a work of art,
we are loving in our nature, though the world may leave us scarred,
We want to fight for justice
Even when the fighting’s hard,
Safeguarding the weak and innocent even if we're bombarded with reasons to discard them.

Because when we close our eyes,
We don’t see differences in melanin, or non-existent borders,
we don’t hate for sake of hate, or to follow media orders,
we don’t want to be in the chaos, and in senseless disorder,
and When we lose the noise our vision is so much broader.

Because in that silence between our breaths,
and in the darkness within our blinks,
and the stillness between our heartbeats,
There are fragments of our starlit souls that know the sole truth of existence
Without uncertainty
Without doubt
We are one.