Saturday, 7 November 2015

27/10/15. Connected.

My hands wrap around your Facebook fingers
Clasping at your thumbs with my snapshot reality
Do you like me?
A little white box asks me “what's on your mind?”
And I think seriously for a moment,
as if I can spill my heart out to a screen
And it will hear me scream
And send more than silent acknowledgements my way.
Thumbs up if you agree.
1 like= 1 verification of my existence
But this status didn't get any,
So what does that mean?

Or do you prefer pictures over words?
Will my selfies make me heard?
Just spam4spam on instagram
Double tap if you like who you think I am
Hashtag Monday, hashtag groan
Throwbackthursday to when I wasn't alone
To when I wasn't so down and wasn't so bitter
Maybe its because I haven't made a twitter,
How did I expect
to stay connected?

Now tell me are you Linked in?
Have you checked in?
Have you snapchatted me that party you got wrecked in?
Tell me about those 10 seconds of happy that I'm holding under my thumb
And maybe I'll reply something like "classic you, hope you have fun!"
Or maybe I won’t bother replying at all-
Its only snapchat.
We're not here to have a conversation,
That's whatsapp.

Everybody has whatsapp.
You can find out whats happening with anyone at any minute of the day.
Or so they say.
But maybe you're like me,
Crying yourself to sleep waiting for blue ticks on a "hey, are you there?"
Trying to find another outlet than candy crush and solitaire,
But you've left it too late again tonight to feel this despair;
Because everyone's gone to sleep and you'd rather be alone than be a burden.

I guess I'll sleep too, and try again tomorrow,
Maybe I'll have another message or an Instagram follow
Maybe I'll get more likes on that status than I expected,
Maybe I'll just be that little bit more