Wednesday, 13 April 2016

13/04/16. To Love Again.

You find yourself alone again,
A familiar cliff edge at your feet.
The beautiful mists of companionship faded,
into the horizon too far for your soul to meet.
Another unknown heartbeat, so promise filled
that danced with yours, then slowed and stilled;
and you can not shake the question ‘why?’
no matter how much your shoulders tremble.

A cracked vase heart had stood before you-
a fingerprint, a smile, an open door.
But your gentle touch was clumsy still,
upon the grooves that had been yet unexplored.
In the heart that knew how to fake its pulse,
you probed with earnest to demand results;
but those scars that were made from shadows,
were not yours to hold to the light.

And now you stand in the bittersweet winds of truth,
a silhouette, dark, against the setting sun;
and you lament for your misplaced hope and try
to accept of the past what remains undone.
Your mind is a storm, created on your own,
as you battle it to halt your heart becoming stone.
You fear solitude for its cement of cynicism,
that seeps into your veins without warning.

You long for the company of another,
whose certain life assures you of your own,
at those times your eyes cannot hold their ocean,
and the world weighs heavy on your bones.
So you cry out in the night to an empty abyss
Unsure of exactly the object you miss.
And then you turn back to the world with all of its pain
To love and to hurt,
and then to love again.