Friday, 27 May 2016

27/05/16. Young Love.

We tiptoe tap danced on the crooked edge of reason
Courage welled up in our eyes and it no longer looked uneven; So we dared the universe to push us from our conquered tight rope. We hope, but there is no balance in eager hearts, which burn brightly outside the lines, with all our careless youth and pupils that are blind, In the fog of naivety. We could only pray that the flames would not burst from our rib cages And char the white petal skin of the flowers we loved. A mistake only made once, For bitter tears will not water a shriveled rose to bloom, and embers burn out in the cold monsoon. And so we clutch onto forever, for that is ever undefined, And we savour all the talismans hanging in our minds, For they hold the whispered nothings that echoed as shivers along our spines, And we pray that fate remain on our side of the storm. We are worn; But we will ride this moment to infinity we say It no longer matters if no one knows the way; Because we will keep running through the night with a giggle in our steps And all the conviction and foolishness of a midnight sky, Sparkling in our eyes. Hold my hand and jump into the dark unknown, Home is where we land, One foot on the ground and the other kick starting a new adventure. Eternity beckons us from clock towers and tiny little watches That tick in our eyes when they meet. Who knows where the road goes, And who cares if we don’t know Slow is not a word that can catch up with our racing heartbeats. We’ll keep laughing until the day breaks and have the whole night to fix it tricks up our sleeves and a bag full of biscuits, they’ll keep us going, when we pause to catch our breath. And then I, I will wonder the world within your mind, and hop borders back into mine with new eyes. And not all I see is tinted rose, But the more I love the more I grow, Even though what is, may not remain true sun rays dwindle, but grey skies blue and all the things I ever knew I will know them better, now, with you.