Thursday, 14 August 2014

14/08/2014. Connections.

They are reflections in my eyes:
perception of disguise,
of deception and white lies.
I've been drawing these dot to dot lines all my life.
They lead to nowhere in this world 
as they slowly cloud my mind.

These connections;
they are the bridges burning down.
But I refuse to turn around;
I will no longer accept the feeling of being alone within this crowd.
I've been searching for the silence
in this cacophony of sound.
The path ahead is all I've dreamed of 
and at last it has been found.

These connections.
They are the threads I'm letting go.
Though they once kept me strong,
it is time for me to move along
Because I cannot grab new opportunities
if I just keep holding on,

to connections.
But I don't want this loose holding of hands.
I want a heart to heart, a mind to mind 
A soul to soul relation, undefined,
a joy transcending space and time
from the pure love of humankind.

I want connections to be mirrors, 
and I want to be drawn nearer, 
to reflections better than myself
that inspire my soul.
So that I may connect with each individual 
through connecting with the whole.

I want connections,
that simultaneously move me
and allow me to be still,
that allow me to live to the fullest 
and let my evils inside be killed.
A togetherness-
a deeper calling that is fulfilled.
A community of spirit,
join us, if you will...