Friday, 13 September 2013

13/09/13. Monsoon.

The monsoon pours heavy,
coldest of cries
these raindrops weep
from the swollen skies
lightening flashes
and the softest breath
of September sighs.

The rain is relentless,
soaking my hair,
it is a comforting cold
it pours and it pours,
a rhythm unfolds
dousing every flame,
except in my soul.

Where are you, so far away?
And why?
Answer the questions
that dampen my eyes,
the thunder roars
remembering goodbyes
the monsoon on my face,
my tears disguise.

And oh, the healing
of a rain filled morn
wash away the pain
of a heart forlorn,
with distance and sorrow
every love is adorned,
for even the sweetest
rose has its thorn.

1 comment:

  1. I think you used great imagery in this one. I feel the powerful message you are trying to convey with the alliteration. Hehe nicesh though :P